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Kommentaari(181)  |  vaadatud: 67548  |  04.04 2005
Lisas: corn, kinnitas: veiks112

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  • Dave
  • 11. Oktoober 2015 kell 20:30

The center of one's pinoucrdg whilst appearing fair in the beginning, would not take a seat properly with me over time. A place during the entire paragraphs you actually was able to cause me to any believer sadly only for an incredibly little while. I still got a problem with your leaps throughout logic then one might carry out perfectly to be able to fill in all those fails. When you're able to accomplish this, I'd personally surely end up being impressed.

  • Bubbi
  • 03. Märts 2014 kell 19:29

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  • Cab
  • 10. Veebruar 2014 kell 18:29

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  • Sudhir
  • 12. November 2013 kell 06:59

Thanks Kristin for a beautiful post. It seems thguoh you are fed up with people's reactions when asked about your profession. Doing social service requires great willpower, endurance and moreover a tough resistance to all odds. However, most people don't realize this. But, doing this simply for media attention or publicity is wrong idea. It is someone's inner instinct that brings him/her into this profession and by the way, putting a smile on someone's face is never too easy for anyone. Also would like to wish you all the success for your book.

  • Amelia
  • 22. Detsember 2011 kell 03:41

At last some rationality in our little detbae.

  • Elouise
  • 23. Septmber 2011 kell 12:18

Mighty useful. Make no mitskae, I appreciate it.

  • torm
  • 03. Septmber 2011 kell 10:24

räigelt hea

  • aaaaaa
  • 25. Juuli 2011 kell 20:05

cool D:

  • fu....big
  • 25. Märts 2011 kell 15:55

ma suudaks ka hullemat kisa teha ma teeks sellest seast praadi

  • wents
  • 17. Märts 2011 kell 17:52


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